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Word Example of - flatter

    Example Sentences for flatter

    I tell you, sisters, it was sharp work; but I flatter myself you were not in any way disgraced.

    Who cannot flatter, and detest who can, Tremble before a noble serving-man?

    Since I have not long to live, do not suffer a mistaken compassion to induce you to flatter my family with false hopes.

    But I flatter myself I have few rivals as an accomplished listener.

    But what was there to flatter the vanity in the belief of a proclamation which was foolishness to the Greeks?

    Perhaps you flatter yourself that she will end by loving you.

    But the American public, so ready to flatter early merit, has itself to thank, if that flattery prove a pernicious atmosphere.

    We cannot flatter ourselves that this is a danger which belongs entirely to the past.

    I do not flatter it when I say that its superiority is equally marked in every department and sphere of its activity.

    Not to flatter you, Katherine, you are a beauty, my dear—if your photo is to be trusted.

Word Origin & History of - flatter

    Word Origin & History

    flatter early 13c., from O.Fr. flater "to flatter," originally "stroke with the hand, caress," from Frank. *flat "palm, flat of the hand" (see flat (adj.)). Related: Flattered; flattering.

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