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The Synonym of - flattering (adjective)

Word Example of - flattering

    Example Sentences for flattering

    The mate was full of smooth and flattering words, but his eyes were shallow.

    Avoid backbiting and flattering; refrain from malice, and bragging.

    This custom would much tend to prevent foolish and flattering inscriptions.

    He gave a flattering account of my proceedings in the affair.

    I will never trust to kind looks and flattering words again.

    I used to wish I could have this flattering dream about Antonia, but I never did.

    That is flattering to me,—looking at the position in which you desire to place your Phœbus at the present moment.

    Nothing could have been more brilliant, or flattering, or more cordial than his offer.

    The tyrants maintain themselves by violence and by flattering the mob.

    With a flattering and obsequious bow our guide leads the way.

Word Origin & History of - flattering

    Word Origin & History

    flatter early 13c., from O.Fr. flater "to flatter," originally "stroke with the hand, caress," from Frank. *flat "palm, flat of the hand" (see flat (adj.)). Related: Flattered; flattering.

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