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Word Example of - flattery

    Example Sentences for flattery

    In her present mood the speeches would but weary, the flattery fash her.

    As in the case of Bucket, the effective armor of Cuff is flattery.

    To be useful, she would submit to any drudgery; to become agreeable, devoted herself to any flattery.

    No flattery could lull his vigilance, no sophistry deceive his penetration.

    But the American public, so ready to flatter early merit, has itself to thank, if that flattery prove a pernicious atmosphere.

    Plato admits four sorts of flattery, but Cleopatra had a thousand.

    Surely, Madam,—if you mean by flattery telling people boldly to their faces that they are this or that, which they are not.

    But it is 89 simply absurd, the way he falls for her flattery.

    She was human; and this flattery, free of any suggestion of love-making, gave her a warming, 171 pleasurable thrill.

    And then their flattery, as in this wise: "Good English-man—very good!"

Word Origin & History of - flattery

    Word Origin & History

    flattery early 14c., from O.Fr. flaterie, from flater (see flatter).

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