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Word Example of - flaw

    Example Sentences for flaw

    He was willing to make the most of any flaw in the aliens' character.

    Another tack and you will have the wind off the shore; that is only a flaw.

    However, a Christian is never so perfect himself, as not to look over a flaw in his neighbour.

    She was only just big enough in mind and soul to see the flaw.

    If perfection be held to consist in the absence of flaw, the hermit's is unquestionably the more nearly perfect song of the two.

    Louisa Irving could not have picked a flaw in his history or character.

    “I discovered not a flaw,” I answered her with a great positiveness.

    His intellect is without a flaw, but it is limited and constrained.

    There was no flaw in the mirror which gave us a duplicated world.

    An old word, equivalent to a flaw, or sudden gust of wind from the land.

Word Origin & History of - flaw

    Word Origin & History

    flaw early 14c., "snowflake, spark of fire," from O.N. flaga "stone slab, flake" (see flagstone); sense of "defect, fault" first recorded 1580s, first of character, later (c.1600) of material things; probably via notion of a "fragment" broken off. Related: Flawed (early 15c.).

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