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Word Example of - fleece

    Example Sentences for fleece

    I said in my heart, O that I might be permitted to try the fleece once more in turning our faces towards Athens.

    "They'll never let you keep that fleece on all summer," Aunt Nancy declared.

    The goats scratch their bodies with their horns and make the fleece appear a little ragged.

    And the fleece on his other side had already begun to grow out a bit.

    This time the ground was to be wet and the fleece of wool dry.

    He sacrificed the ram to the gods, and gave its fleece to King Æetes.

    Then he shoved the weapon into Denton's hand, and hurried him over the shingle with the remark, 'Now chuck off the fleece, Peter.

    His rosy face, with its snub nose, set in this fleece, was like a melon among its leaves.

    When the young lad took it to the king, and exhibited it, the king asked, ‘How much money do you want for that fleece?’

    Look at her fleece—crisp, close, strong; feel the flesh—firm as a rock.

Word Origin & History of - fleece

    Word Origin & History

    fleece O.E. fleos, from W.Gmc. *flusaz (cf. M.Du. vluus, M.H.G. vlius, Ger. Vlies), probably from PIE *plus- (cf. L. pluma "feather, down," Lith. plunksna "feather"). The verb is 1530s in the literal sense of "to strip a sheep of fleece" and 1570s in the figurative meaning "to cheat, swindle." Related: Fleeced; fleecing.

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