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Word Example of - fleeting

    Example Sentences for fleeting

    For with all its long hours of work Hartley had noticed that the tenement was not without its scenes of fleeting merriment.

    Like a far dawn, thou smiledst in my mind, A dawn most sweet and shy and fleeting.

    Billy had had just a fleeting idea of Warren Gregory before that, but this particular term confirmed the suspicion suddenly.

    The fleeting smiles of the heavens are strongly impressed on their imagination.

    The father allows his son to go where so many others go, where Cato himself went; he says that youth is but fleeting.

    But happily no—our friends are spared—the passion was but fleeting.

    Stefens gave Scott a fleeting smile and turned back to his constant keen-eyed inspection of the monitors.

    A fleeting vision of the youth in the yellow oilskins mocked him.

    McAllister had a fleeting desire to turn and dart from the room.

    It sounds something too commercial for so fragile and fleeting a thing as love.

Word Origin & History of - fleeting

    Word Origin & History

    fleeting early 13c., from O.E. fleotende "floating, drifting," later "flying, moving swiftly," from O.E. fleotan (see fleet (n.)).