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Word Example of - flexible

    Example Sentences for flexible

    These were connected by a flexible cord to a plug which he could insert in place of a lamp in the chandelier.

    The spring of the flexible branch had been enough to keep the line from breaking.

    Linda wanted desperately to preserve the whiteness of her skin, the flexible black distinction of her hair, yes—her beauty.

    Every nerve and muscle was flexible and strong, as if made of steel wire.

    It is a flexible, comfortable, jovial, rollicking expression.

    “I judge then that you are connected, as may happen, with a flexible business,” I hazarded.

    The bottle itself has a double curve towards the neck to provide against too sudden bending of the flexible tube against the tap.

    It is a paper that will replace cloth, strong, flexible, cheap too.

    The linen or silk diadem was eventually exchanged for a flexible band of gold, which was worn in its place round the forehead.

    With these, young trees of flexible wood were cut down and split.

Word Origin & History of - flexible

    Word Origin & History

    flexible early 15c., from L. flexibilis "that may be bent, pliant," from flexus, pp. of flectere "to bend," of uncertain origin.