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Word Example of - flip-flop

    Example Sentences for flip-flop

    The cowboys, gathered in a wide circle about the machine, looked on in anticipation of seeing the auto do a flip-flop.

    "Nothing," she said, making a flip-flop into the thistles and dancing among them without feeling their sharp points.

    At first he couldn't stand up on his head at all, just turning over in a sort of flip-flop every time he tried.

    Dan broke off and almost retched as his stomach turned a flip-flop to end all flip-flops.

    That fellow certainly turned a flip-flop, when he found out who we were.

    I didnt promise to make the auto turn a flip-flop, I only asked them if they ever saw it done.

    The flip-flop of the fish sounded distinctly in that quiet place.

    This flip-flop is set by addition, subtraction, or division that exceeds the capacity of the Accumulator.

    It wobbled and twisted, turned half a flip-flop, righted itself and was at the dark antagonist once more.

    "Flip-flop, flippity-floppity-flub" sounded in progression across the living-room floor.

Word Origin & History of - flip-flop

    Word Origin & History

    flip-flop also flip flop, "thong sandal," by 1972, imitative of the sound of walking in them (flip-flap had been used in various echoic senses since 1520s); sense of "complete reversal of direction" dates from 1900.

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