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Word Example of - flood

    Example Sentences for flood

    He had ascertained, beyond all question, that it emptied its flood into the Gulf of Mexico.

    They are overwhelmed by a flood of details, in which they cannot discern the ruling idea.

    My father stood at a window looking out, the girl in a flood of tears, relaxed and helpless, in the protection of his arm.

    Suddenly his heart went out to her in a flood of pity and tenderness.

    The flood of invective which had been accumulating in Mr. Peck's system all the afternoon now broke its bounds.

    Am I to begin with the Flood, like a professional chronicler?

    The very sight of them crowds on to his mind a flood of thoughts more than tongue can utter or pen describe.

    Close the lamp and flood the exposed strip with the developer.

    Some have written, as Lyra reminds us, that by the flood the surface of the earth was washed away three hands deep.

    And it is said that every year the lady must lure one unhappy mortal into the flood.

Word Origin & History of - flood

    Word Origin & History

    flood O.E. flod "a flowing of water, river, sea, flood," from P.Gmc. *flothuz (cf. O.Fris. flod, O.N. floð, M.Du. vloet, Ger. Flut, Goth. fiodus), from PIE verbal stem *plo-/*pleu- "flow, float" (cf. Gk. ploein "to float, swim," plotos "floating, navigable"). The verb is first attested 1660s. Related: Flooded; flooding. Flood plain (also floodplain) is from 1873.

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