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Word Example of - flop

    Example Sentences for flop

    Sim could not swim, and he began to flop about in the wildest and most unreasonable manner.

    I can't think why you flop about so helplessly, like a bit of seaweed.

    She held forth her right hand—full unwillingly, as I saw—and something rustled down her gown and dropped with a flop at her feet.

    I remember now; you started as an ultra-Calvinist, and came over with a flop.

    He would turn those big cakes by tossing them out of the pan in the air, you know, and catch them after the flop.

    It was because as a manager of his financial affairs Dorothy was a flop.

    I was so afraid I'd forget and flop down on them, or misplace something, that I came in here to read awhile.

    Harry was the victor, and his opponent came to bank with a bound and flop.

    Your flop in the bed sounded as though you were a real mermaid!

    He tried to flop over, as he could so easily do when sleeping on his wolf-skins in the cave.

Word Origin & History of - flop

    Word Origin & History

    flop c.1600, probably a variant of flap with a duller, heavier sound. Sense of "fall or drop heavily" is 1836, that of "collapse, fail" is 1919; though the figurative noun sense of "a failure" is recorded from 1893. The noun in the literal sense is from 1823.

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