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The Synonym of - floret (noun)

Word Example of - floret

    Example Sentences for floret

    Floret adhuc et adhuc florebit Florius haec specie floridus optat amans.

    Floret, a single flower of a head or cluster, especially in Compositae.

    Floret confessed to the Prvt of Paris that the whole affair was a deception, and on March 24, 1404, they were all duly burned.

    If well rubbed after threshing, the floret is nearly smooth, otherwise it contains on the lower half numerous webby hairs.

    The relative positions of the parts of the floret are shown in the floral diagrams.

Word Origin & History of - floret

    Word Origin & History

    floret 1583, from O.Fr. florete, dim. of flor "flower," from L. flora (q.v.).

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