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Word Example of - flower

    Example Sentences for flower

    The members were the outcasts of every land—the flower of the gallows.

    She knew every tree in the greenwood, and every flower in it.

    The flower lies in the root, but the root is not the flower.

    There is no flower in the world more exquisitely fashioned than this.

    If plenty of light and air be given, they will flower in July or August.

    In all his life he had never held a flower in his hand before.

    The loss, you will say, of the flower of our chivalry in battle?

    The splendor had gone from the grass—the glory from the flower.

    The towering magnolia, in all the pride of foliage and flower, shaded us.

    Yes, you may; but you must always ask leave before you gather a flower.

Word Origin & History of - flower

    Word Origin & History

    flower c.1200, from O.Fr. flor, from L. florem (nom. flos) "flower" (see flora), from PIE base *bhlo- "to blossom, flourish" (cf. M.Ir. blath, Welsh blawd "blossom, flower," O.E. blowan "to flower, bloom"). Modern spelling is 14c. Ousted O.E. cognate blostm (see blossom). Also used from 13c. in sense of "finest part or product of anything." The verb is first recorded early 13c. Related: Flowered; flowering. Flower children "gentle hippies" is from 1967.

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