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The Synonym of - flowering (noun)

Word Example of - flowering

    Example Sentences for flowering

    I was the object on which her thoughts fastened as bees swarm upon the branch of a flowering tree.

    Golden-rod and the early blue aster were flowering everywhere.

    These are set off by the girdle of the flowering cherry, famed among the ancient seven villages of Iimura.

    Palms, flowering shrubs, ferns, and creepers rioted on all sides.

    The flowering glumes are always shorter than the empty glumes, and are hyaline.

    But Madame Beattie was tired, though this was the flowering of her later life.

    It would be ploughing the flowering earth after this, I thought.

    All other nations had had their flowering time and had faded out.

    Give a plentiful supply of water in saucers to Narcissus, or other bulbs when flowering.

    It is of much greater value at the time of flowering than when the seed is ripe.

Word Origin & History of - flowering

    Word Origin & History

    flower c.1200, from O.Fr. flor, from L. florem (nom. flos) "flower" (see flora), from PIE base *bhlo- "to blossom, flourish" (cf. M.Ir. blath, Welsh blawd "blossom, flower," O.E. blowan "to flower, bloom"). Modern spelling is 14c. Ousted O.E. cognate blostm (see blossom). Also used from 13c. in sense of "finest part or product of anything." The verb is first recorded early 13c. Related: Flowered; flowering. Flower children "gentle hippies" is from 1967.

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