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What is a better word for flowery? What's another word for flowery? What are 5 "flowery synonyms"? How can I replace the word flowery? What is the meaning of flowery in English?

Word Example of - flowery

    Example Sentences for flowery

    Out there everything is as flowery and fragrant as if nothing had happened.

    I bethought me of the flowery glade—the scene of my adventure with the crotalus.

    Attention should be given to the pattern that abounds everywhere in nature; flowery banks and hedgerows are rich in suggestion.

    Certainly this is no bed of flowery ease in the dreamy Orient to which we are led.

    A flowery way, he was sure, with real grass in it like the Resident's garden.

    The nipping winter is essential to the green and flowery spring.

    On that flowery couch they lay,420 Invested with a golden cloud that shed Bright dew-drops all around.

    Marion looked at him gravely from behind her flowery screen.

    Here it broke into groups, flowery bright on the part of the women, gallant and gay enough on the side of the attending gentlemen.

    A flowery suit is a case in which women play a prominent part.

Word Origin & History of - flowery

    Word Origin & History

    flowery mid-14c.; see flower + -y (2).