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Word Example of - fluctuating

    Example Sentences for fluctuating

    The Sunday-school was yet an experiment in a fluctuating, uncertain state of trial.

    Man's own fluctuating opinion is the measure and standard of all things.

    The market quotations at this evening's auction were fluctuating.

    Once more he sat listening to that whining, fluctuating wave.

    The opinion of the country was evidently unsettled and fluctuating.

    Were that so, not only all morality, but all science and all knowledge were fluctuating as sand.

    That is to say, no vivid, fluctuating human being, no man of genius can ever be embodied in an institution.

    With what fluctuating emotions I looked forward to meeting him again!

    The Sunday school was yet an experiment, in a fluctuating, uncertain508 state of trial.

    I do not like that fluctuating color, or that quick, irregular breathing.

Word Origin & History of - fluctuating

    Word Origin & History

    fluctuate 1630s, from L. fluctuat-, pp. stem of fluctuare "to undulate" (see fluctuation). Related: Fluctuated; fluctuates; fluctuating.

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