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Word Example of - flummery

    Example Sentences for flummery

    A man must have a thick skin to be able to carry off all the flummery of Highness without any feeling of shame.

    There isn't one particle of flummery in Crondall's whole body.

    You won't be likely to sell anything; nothing much sells the first night, and I hain't no nonsense and flummery.

    And I can dish up a trifle of flummery in here and there conveniently, and—let me see.

    When boiled enough, pour the flummery into a shallow dish, and serve it up.

    Yes; all that flummery about merchant princes and so forth is nonsense.

    Let me have the full particulars, and don't try on flummery.'

    Flummery has ceased to be a popular preacher these twenty years.

    He managed in this way to turn out the regulation column of flummery, but I knew it could not last.

    And a young woman who doesn't go in for poetry, and dreaming, and all that kind of flummery.

Word Origin & History of - flummery

    Word Origin & History

    flummery 1620s, a type of coagulated food, from Welsh llymru, of uncertain origin." Figurative use, of flattery, empty talk, is from mid-18c.

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