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Word Example of - focus

    Example Sentences for focus

    We must focus our observations on Plotinos as a philosopher.

    The king passed on into the crowd, the focus of a hundred admiring eyes.

    For a mile or more Sid saw nothing on which to focus his camera.

    The Laboratory of the Chemist was the focus that drew the attention of all minds.

    The name of Harkness came from the instrument to focus Chet's attention.

    I wanted to assimilate a new fact, to get my mental vision into focus again.

    There flowed where the island had stood a circular wave rushing to a focus.

    The focus is changed from obsession with quantity to preoccupation with quality.

    He looked at her as if it were difficult to focus his attention on her.

    In the past, we used to focus on social forms of variable organization.

Word Origin & History of - focus

    Word Origin & History

    focus 1640s, from L. focus "hearth, fireplace," of unknown origin, used in post-classical times for "fire" itself, taken by Kepler (1604) in a mathematical sense for "point of convergence," perhaps on analogy of the burning point of a lens (the purely optical sense of the word may have existed before Kepler, but it is not recorded). Introduced into English 1650s by Hobbes. Sense transfer to "center of activity or energy" is first recorded 1796. The verb is first attested 1814 in the literal sense; the figurative sense is recorded earlier (1807). Related: Focused; focusing; focussed; focussing.

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