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Word Example of - foible

    Example Sentences for foible

    He was thought witty, thanks to his foible for relating a quantity of anecdotes on the reign of Louis XV.

    “If I have a foible, it is under-statement,” returned Hadria, with a half-smile.

    In this case the cut has been received on the “foible,” or half of the blade nearest the point.

    Do you know that you have one little infinitesimal ewe-lamb of a foible?

    His foible is a canine appetite for popularity and fame; but he will get over this.

    During her stay in this country, this foible was every where perceived, and profited by.

    Winking was his foible, as puckering of the face was Coyne's.

    So far as we could know, he was without an Indian fault or foible.

    There is both humor and pathos when dear Granny retires into a corner with some foible she knows you admired in infancy.

    Tom Cameron was quite as free of the foible of conceit as could be imagined.

Word Origin & History of - foible

    Word Origin & History

    foible 1640s, "weak point of a sword blade" (contrasted to forte), from Fr. foible (adj.) "weak," from O.Fr. foible "feeble," dissimilated from L. flebilis (see feeble). Extended sense of "weak point of character" is first recorded 1670s. Related: Foibles.

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