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Word Example of - fold

    Example Sentences for fold

    Brush over with a little water, and fold the points of the stars to the center.

    But every night this shepherd used to pen them up in a fold.

    Busby's reply to this discourteous remark was to fold his arms and assume a dramatic posture.

    "Sit down and fold your hands behind you," ordered the master.

    Such church instruction as I could stand was also found in this fold—or shall I say party?

    There was not a fold of her skirt but fell round her gracefully.

    You roll down and fold from four to six times, not counting the time you envelop the butter in the dough.

    Still he kept up his even jog along the outskirts of the fold.

    Its thin posterior wall presents on each side a fold which projects into the central cavity.

    Do not fold your hands in fancied security and say of that day: 'It is far off.'

Word Origin & History of - fold

    Word Origin & History

    fold O.E. faldan (Mercian), fealdan (W.Saxon), "to bend cloth back over itself," class VII strong verb (past tense feold, pp. fealden), from P.Gmc. *falthanan (cf. O.N. falda, M.L.G. volden, Ger. falten, Goth. falþan), from PIE *pel-to- (cf. Skt. putah "fold, pocket," Alb. pale "fold," M.Ir. alt "a joint"), from base *pel- "to fold." The weak form developed from 15c. Sense of "to yield to pressure" is from late 14c. Related: Folded; folding. The noun meaning "a bend or ply in anything" is mid-13c., from the verb.

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