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Word Example of - folder

    Example Sentences for folder

    One folder was made very nervous by a constant fear that she would not earn her bonus.

    Her folder was full of notations by case worker after case worker.

    "It seems to be quite in order, Master Sean," said the priest, handing the folder back.

    Gloria picked up a folder and pretended to concentrate on it.

    This serves as a memorandum only, all records being made on the claim card or the folder.

    He ruffled his up-to-now-neat In basket and finally found the folder he wanted.

    A folder can be made for this contract, headed with the subject name, and filed in its proper place in the alphabetical index.

    The clerk brought forward a folder of yellow paper and handed it to Dyke.

    At fig. 64 is shown a convenient form of folder for covering.

    A case or folder in which leaves of loose paper or other stationery may be carried.

Word Origin & History of - folder

    Word Origin & History

    folder "folding cover for loose papers," 1911, from fold (v.).

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