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Word Example of - follicle

    Example Sentences for follicle

    The larger the ova the more columnar is the epithelium of the follicle.

    A hair, broken or unbroken, frequently pierces the follicle.

    The nest contains fully formed permanent ova, completely or wholly enclosed in a follicle.

    This bursting of the follicle has not actually been observed.

    An ovum becomes mature, breaks through its Graafian follicle in the ovary and is set free.

    This is now enlarged by the breaking down of the remaining tissue of the follicle, then of the submucosa.

    The figure shews the commencing differentiation of the cells of the germinal epithelium into true ova and follicle cells.

    A secretion deposited in a follicle of the prepuce of Moschus moschiferus, Linn.

    The follicle is dilated at the bottom to correspond to the root bulb, and the ducts of one or more sebaceous glands open into it.

    The ovum is contained in the cortical portion of the ovary, enclosed in the Graafian follicle, a vesicle 4-8 mm.

Word Origin & History of - follicle

    Word Origin & History

    follicle 1640s, from L. folliculus "little bag," dim. of follis "bellows, inflated ball," from PIE *bhol-n-, suffixed form of base *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole).

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