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What is a better word for footfall? What's another word for footfall? What are 5 "footfall synonyms"? How can I replace the word footfall? What is the meaning of footfall in English?

Word Example of - footfall

    Example Sentences for footfall

    Twenty minutes passed, and then he too heard a footfall in the passage outside, and the swish of a dress.

    In every little stir and breath she heard the footfall of her enemy.

    Suddenly the faintest possible creak of a footfall on the floor behind him.

    Her streets will be deserted and silent, not a footfall be heard where the myriads trod.

    At half-past six there was the footfall as of one man on the stairs, and he descended slowly.

    Just as we sat down to eat, I heard a horse's footfall, and turned to see who it was.

    We feel the kingdom throb to its centre at Assyria's first footfall on the border.

    I trembled whenever I saw a policeman or heard a footfall on the road.

    In the twilight of the unlighted streets scarce a footfall is heard.

    An army might have marched from end to end and not a footfall given the alarm.

Word Origin & History of - footfall

    Word Origin & History

    footfall c.1600; see foot + fall (v).