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Word Example of - footing

    Example Sentences for footing

    On the siege being raised, Melville left Poitiers for Geneva, footing it all the way in the company of a few fellow-students.

    Are you paying for this call, or is the City of Los Angeles footing the bill?

    The two Governments, considered as distinct legislative powers, are on a footing of perfect equality.

    He had gained a footing for himself in associations of every kind.

    Meeting at first with little encouragement, it gradually gained a footing in most civilized countries.

    The footing on which my wife and Mr. Sidney are is but too public.

    It is a comfort to know that in the British islands this hateful kind of tyranny never found a footing.

    And indeed Flaxman's footing with the beauty was by no means clear—least of all to himself.

    He advanced a step at a time watching his footing, his knife drawn down and back for the uprip, the belly slash.

    Nevertheless, she kept her footing for months after her interview with him.

Word Origin & History of - footing

    Word Origin & History

    footing "position, stance," originally from archery (1545), from foot.

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