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Word Example of - forbear

    Example Sentences for forbear

    For we endure the tender pain of pardon,— One with another we forbear.

    Who can forbear to lament that this amiable woman has no name in the verses?

    I can not forbear, however, to note what a sorry group we were on that island on the morning of the 19th.

    The writer cannot forbear to mention a few of the names of these soldiers of freedom.

    But I forbear, as I hope to devote a volume to the private and personal history of our educational system.

    He says: "I dehort mine from Christmas keeping and charge them to forbear."

    But who can forbear to make charitable allowance for so young and inexperienced a girl?

    She looked at me, and when I could not forbear a smile of appreciation she smiled back.

    He found so many reasons in his own mind that he thought it wise to forbear from asking any of hers.

    Forbear, my Muse, to linger over the scene of that departure!

Word Origin & History of - forbear

    Word Origin & History of - forbear

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