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Word Example of - forbid

    Example Sentences for forbid

    Marriages like that are the very deuce, and the law should forbid them.

    Gulveig the Witch came into Asgard, for Heimdall might not forbid her entrance.

    They called upon the government to forbid the sending of the Liberator and similar "incendiary publications" through the mails.

    Why should Guilford forbid the topic as though its discussion were painful to Wayne?

    The miser says,—You forbid me to love money, to seek after the means of acquiring it: alas!

    This book was forbid in France, but do you believe that the English Ministry were pleased with it?

    Then if I am right about Donald and he asks your permission to make an offer to Lu, you will forbid him to do so?

    They cannot afford to do the latter and the statutory laws may forbid the former.

    Friendship has its rights; you do not forbid me to exercise them?

    What more likely than that he should imagine he heard Peter forbid the match?

Word Origin & History of - forbid

    Word Origin & History

    forbid O.E. forbeodan, from for- "against" + beodan "to command" (see bid). Common Gmc. compound (cf. Du. verbieden, O.H.G. farbiotan, Ger. verbieten, Goth. faurbiudan). Related: Forbade; forbidden. Forbidding "uninviting" first recorded 1712.

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