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Word Example of - force

    Example Sentences for force

    He might see them and could force them to cover with his rifle even at long range.

    Now that they're out of their force field, they'll start to sublimate.

    She showed grace and energy in every movement and intellect and force in every glance.

    As the stream became narrower the current increased in force.

    I do not believe in denying its force, or running away in an opposite direction.

    The force enters into the mores and becomes a component in them.

    If attacked in force Ferguson was to retreat and rejoin his leader.

    In different kinds of mores the force is screened by different devices.

    This diminution of force was not, in itself, an object of much concern.

    Now, however, the adjective 419seems to be losing its force.

Word Origin & History of - force

    Word Origin & History

    force c.1300, from O.Fr. force, from L.L. fortia, from neut. pl. of L. fortis "strong" (see fort). Meaning "body of armed men, army" first recorded late 14c. The verb is first attested early 14c.; its original sense was "to ravish" (a woman). Related: Forced; forcing.

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