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Word Example of - forceful

    Example Sentences for forceful

    Underneath was a man of iron, square-jawed, nervous, forceful.

    She inhaled a deep breath for forceful speech, but Billie was ahead of her.

    The play often leads to exposition, and many dramas are written with the evident intent of teaching a deep and forceful lesson.

    For into the picture had walked a man, a personality, dynamic and forceful.

    It would not be fitting to have everything with a forceful emphasis upon it.

    And he was so forceful, she could not argue with him very well.

    Bryant's companion waved an assuring hand without ceasing his rapid and forceful statement addressed to his fellow.

    He slipped through with a forceful push and caught the navvy by his jacket.

    Nor is it likely that a country will successively produce men of such marked individuality and forceful character.

    It hardly leads to an impression of forceful and enterprising character.

Word Origin & History of - forceful

    Word Origin & History

    forceful 1570s, from force + -ful. Related: Forcefully.