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Word Example of - forcible

    Example Sentences for forcible

    All these sufferings were still increased by the forcible expulsion of numerous peasant families by the greedy nobility.

    It does not charge any forcible act, nor indeed any act at all, but a mere omission.

    His wife stood below and called on him in forcible language to descend from such a dangerous place.

    It was a fiery recital of their wrongs and an incitement to forcible redress.

    After reading this letter three or four times, it seemed to him that it was not forcible enough.

    Of forcible resistance to Secession there was but little talk.

    The forcible manner in which I approached myself with mine, ought to have cured me of it had the thing been possible.

    He felt he had never been more clear-headed and forcible than that morning in court.

    It was not wise to argue with "Ould Biddy," who had a talent for forcible speech.

    But you are not wont to be called in to assist at a "forcible entry."

Word Origin & History of - forcible

    Word Origin & History

    forcible early 15c., from M.Fr. forcible, from O.Fr. forcier (see force). Related: Forcibly.

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