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"foreboding Synonyms"

What is a better word for foreboding? What's another word for foreboding? What are 5 "foreboding synonyms"? How can I replace the word foreboding? What is the meaning of foreboding in English?

Word Example of - foreboding

    Example Sentences for foreboding

    Anxious to know the reason of his following us, which I had a foreboding was connected with my camel, I hastened to the spot.

    His last glance at Don Pablo and his family was one of foreboding.

    The Virgin is holding up the Child close to her beautiful face; she broods over him, and the countenance is full of foreboding.

    But all foreboding was spared most of the men through sheer exhaustion.

    So Gourlay trudged home through the darkness, beaten at last, mad with shame and anger and foreboding.

    That night he started from his sleep with a sense of foreboding.

    But the deep booming of cannon is still heard down the river, foreboding an awful conflict soon.

    She had not known how heavy it was nor how charged with foreboding, until it was gone.

    In surprise, not unmingled with foreboding, Mr. Gilbert followed his employer and Micky Maguire into the counting-room.

    They seemed to have a foreboding of the fate which awaited them.

Word Origin & History of - foreboding

    Word Origin & History

    foreboding late 14c., "a predilection, portent, omen," from fore + verbal noun from bode. Meaning "sense of something bad about to happen" is from c.1600.