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Word Example of - forefather

    Example Sentences for forefather

    It remained upon the point of rock, and my forefather took it thence.

    You see the further away your forefather is, the more the virtue.

    "Well known is the name of Ragnar Lodbrok, my forefather," said the jarl.

    Your forefather, who, in the revival of science, sought the secrets of Apollonius and Paracelsus.

    This historian also adds that while one of the feet of our forefather rested on the mountain, the other was in the Indian ocean.

    Orkins might be the forefather of a new race—a helluva race.

    It is said that in olden times the forefather of the Armenians had to flee for his life.

    The white-eyed man was stationed at Lati,97 and is the forefather of all the people of Lati.

    Not every forefather of mine rests quiet beneath his escutcheoned marble.

    As his forefather's fate was, so shall his be, for in both of them dwells the same spirit.

Word Origin & History of - forefather

    Word Origin & History

    forefather "ancestor," c.1300, from fore + father; perhaps directly from O.N. forfaðir.

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