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Word Example of - foremost

    Example Sentences for foremost

    Mr. Layton was a respected citizen of the 22 town and foremost in its civic activities.

    Among the foremost was Pearce, with Dick Rogers by his side.

    This son of Pritha, called Vibhatsu, is foremost in drawing the bow-string.

    Nearer came the long-boat, yet nearer was the foremost swimmer.

    Raising his rifle, he took steady aim at the breast of the foremost Indian, and pulled the trigger.

    Would you have me neglect one of the foremost articles of an artilleryman's faith?

    I feel now and have always felt with unnumbered thousands that his life has indeed been that of a foremost public benefactor.

    Glasgow is one of the foremost centres of steel ship-building.

    The archers seemed very glad of their arrival, and yielded the foremost place to them.

    First and foremost, it was that of the professional soldier.

Word Origin & History of - foremost

    Word Origin & History

    foremost O.E. fyrmest "earliest, first, most prominent," from P.Gmc. *formo- (related to O.E. fruma "beginning"), superl. of the root of Eng. fore + additional superl. suffix -est. Cf. O.Fris. formest, Goth. frumists. Altered on the assumption that it is a compound of fore and most.

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