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Word Example of - forerunner

    Example Sentences for forerunner

    Then the second team was piloted to safety before the forerunner had resumed his position in front.

    Like his forerunner he leapt on the back of the hindmost sheep.

    This was the Bensington Driving Club, the forerunner of many aristocratic clubs for gentlemen interested in driving as a pastime.

    The cuckoo, like the woodcock, is supposed to have its forerunner.

    With the Renaissance in Italy came the forerunner of the modern entrance hall, with its accompanying stair.

    The original face was the forerunner of the "modern" group of type faces.

    May promised to be the forerunner of an exceedingly hot summer.

    They are the sure, and even swift, forerunner of great changes.

    Every concession on the part of Captain Elliot, or the merchants, was to him a victory gained, and the forerunner of greater ones.

    Beowulf is the forerunner of that other national dragon-slayer, St. George.

Word Origin & History of - forerunner

    Word Origin & History

    forerunner c.1300, from fore + runner. M.E. rendition of L. præcursor, in reference to John the Baptist as the forerunner of Christ.

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