"forever Synonyms"

What is a better word for forever? What's another word for forever? What are 5 "forever synonyms"? How can I replace the word forever? What is the meaning of forever in English?

Word Example of - forever

    Example Sentences for forever

    For years he had filled her father's place, and now he was dying, leaving her forever!

    Write, if it is only to say that you are done with me forever, for suspense is killing.

    And to bury the memory of Maxime Valois forever is his task.

    As for his own appetite, it seemed to have deserted him forever.

    He would go at once, find the child, and then return to England forever.

    She had been his four years before she ever saw this interloper, and she should be his forever.

    For a few, weak days he decided to remain and finish it all and forever.

    I should be very sorry to choose either of you forever; but for this afternoon I choose you.

    And now there were two hundred and seventy-five dollars to put him forever beyond their jibes.

    This forever put an end to his fine appearance at the negro parties.

Word Origin & History of - forever

    Word Origin & History

    forever late 14c., for ever; from for + ever. One word from late 17c.