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Word Example of - forgiveness

    Example Sentences for forgiveness

    I do not ask you to forgive me; I have your forgiveness already.

    I do him fresh wrong to question his forgiveness; for I know him to be all goodness.

    Bowed as penitents, they hail its lily of forgiveness and the resurrection.

    For Heaven's sake come into the house if only to let me beg for your forgiveness on my knees!

    Christianity, in fact, is a covenant, and forgiveness of sins is one of the blessings attached to this covenant.

    Then Grim fell on his knees before Havelok and prayed his forgiveness.

    Were my brother here to-day, I think he would stretch out to you the right hand, not of forgiveness, but of fellowship.

    In short, forgiveness is, in the great phrase of St. Paul, reconciliation with God.

    In writing to me, if I may so far expect your forgiveness, please address me in care of Cousin Henry and he will forward to me.

    That change of mind is itself reconciliation, forgiveness, remission of sins.

Word Origin & History of - forgiveness

    Word Origin & History

    forgiveness O.E. forgifennys; see forgive + -ness.

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