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What is a better word for forgo? What's another word for forgo? What are 5 "forgo synonyms"? How can I replace the word forgo? What is the meaning of forgo in English?

Word Example of - forgo

    Example Sentences for forgo

    He finally agreed to forgo the pleasure of possessing it for a suitable reward.

    The freshmen who had been so favored did not wish to forgo these joys.

    It is extremely good of you to forgo any engagement you may have had merely to return this to me with your own hands.

    It was a mere piece of theatricality, such as it was not in Scaramouche's nature to forgo.

    Most had agreed to forgo rents and to help with artificial manure for next year.

    Then the petitioners offered to do anything, only they begged him to forgo invasion.

    I ask little of thee, Joseph, the children I'll forgo, but do thou separate thyself from these sectaries during my lifetime.

    We'll have to forgo lights for the present, but I needed the bombs more.

    No one else was at the moment available; so perforce I had to take my journey companionless or forgo it to an indefinite future.

    Tony was sulky, and Constance could not forgo the pleasure of baiting him further.

Word Origin & History of - forgo

    Word Origin & History

    forgo see forego. Related: Forgoing; forgone