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Word Example of - formation

    Example Sentences for formation

    For the formation we may compare American vamose, to skedaddle, from Span.

    Barrin even assented to the formation of a national militia.

    The formation of States was always conditioned by individual rulership.

    Drivers and cannoneers were dismounted to await the formation of the battalion line.

    Every creature assists in its own formation, souls being essentially creative and craving form.

    Threats of repression were answered by the formation of secret societies.

    In an age which tended towards the formation of great monarchies he was vigorously monarchical.

    One day we were hurried into formation and sent past the reviewing stand.

    Our infantry, like that of the Germans, kept much too close a formation, and the losses were therefore appalling.

    Its aim is the impartation of knowledge and the formation of public opinion.

Word Origin & History of - formation

    Word Origin & History

    formation late 14c., from O.Fr. formation or directly from L. formationem (nom. formatio), from formare to form (see form).

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