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What is a better word for formula? What's another word for formula? What are 5 "formula synonyms"? How can I replace the word formula? What is the meaning of formula in English?

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    It struck Napier that she didn't apply her formula, "You are very kind."

    This formula was obtained from Takwatih, as given to him by a specialist in this line.

    A motion of prohibition that had in it none of the grace of entreaty, checked his formula.

    Invariably there is among these a formula for ferrous oxalate developer.

    The formula has neutralized the best men in Congress, the best men in the Cabinet, as is Stanton.

    A formula for this process will be found in the chapter on artificial feeding.

    Humes problem, thus viewed, finds its final and complete expression in the formula: How are synthetic a priori judgments possible?

    And nothing Lady Helen could say moved her, or modified her formula of refusal.

    My formula so far had been that when an American said a road was good, it was bad.

    And upon this formula, Gregorio hastened to the door, and opened it.

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