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Word Example of - formulate

    Example Sentences for formulate

    Color has its laws, which, again, science is able to formulate.

    Giles wished to catch him before he had time to formulate any new villainy.

    Ambiguity or vagueness indicates either vacillation or the inability to formulate orders.

    I cannot formulate the things you do, though my friends praise me unstintingly.

    During the ride he tried to formulate some definite course of action.

    What he could not formulate was just how he had been brought to his present pass.

    Would you, reader, were it in your power, formulate such a method of reproduction?

    It may be idle to formulate remote and improbable contingencies, but it is in our line.

    This established, we can formulate the following definition as well founded.

    Need we proceed to formulate objections to the parasitism of Evangelicism?

Word Origin & History of - formulate

    Word Origin & History

    formulate 1860, to express in a formula, from formula + -ate. Related: Formulated; formulating.