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"formulation Synonyms"

What is a better word for formulation? What's another word for formulation? What are 5 "formulation synonyms"? How can I replace the word formulation? What is the meaning of formulation in English?

Word Example of - formulation

    Example Sentences for formulation

    It touched every formulation of truth, asking, in fine, how are we to think our statements?

    These result in the formulation of a new dialectic or logic by Plato.

    It was the formulation of what he had vaguely felt in an uncomfortable way ever since the previous evening.

    During the formulation and implementation of these plans the bank must ensure the most economical use of available resources.

    But if either the order or the formulation of problems is altered, they cease to be either necessary or presuppositions.

    Abolitionists were pioneers in the formulation of political platforms.

    The final topic in the course is the formulation of a definition of economics.

    Its limitless audacity defeats any formulation of its “war aims.”

    Yet there is sufficient substance in them to justify their formulation.

    There can be no precision in our statement of the facts and no formulation of the laws that govern their changes.

Word Origin & History of - formulation

    Word Origin & History

    formulation 1876, from formulate + -tion.