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Word Example of - forsake

    Example Sentences for forsake

    And the day will come when his last friends will forsake him, and he will call in vain on her whom he has lost for ever.

    In these trying hours, his serenity and trust in God did not forsake him.

    When Margaret heard the news of her champion's defeat her courage seemed at first to forsake her.

    She would not forsake Paolo even in the gloomy regions of despair.

    Forsake Plato if you must,—but you may do so only at the price of justifying yourself in the terms of Aristotelian arithmetic.

    Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable unto him.

    Let us all pray that the God of our fathers may not forsake us now.

    His own experience taught him that it was dangerous and wicked to forsake the sanctuary.

    Would you have me forsake the abbey into which I am but newly entered?

    “No: I will not forsake the little company, going homeward,” said he.

Word Origin & History of - forsake

    Word Origin & History

    forsake O.E. forsacan "decline, refuse," from for- "completely" + sacan "to deny, refuse" (see sake).

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