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Word Example of - forsaking

    Example Sentences for forsaking

    At last it occurred to Dick that he would try the experiment of forsaking him.

    Canst thou be true to her, forsaking all, follow where her great spirit leads?

    Would he be guilty of forsaking his post, if he but refused to ask, and waited for Death?

    Then, but not before, does Blue Bill think of forsaking the fork.

    It is forsaking the living fountain and turning to a broken cistern.

    You are forsaking a poor old man who came here to be with you.

    Fair Belgium had given us her heart; she did not withdraw it, even when we seemed to be forsaking her.

    Outraged as he was, he would not go to the extreme length of forsaking them.

    I feared his reason was forsaking him, and that I, in my rashness, had accelerated his doom.

    Vices, outgrowing or changing them, mistaken for forsaking all sin, 308—310.

Word Origin & History of - forsaking

    Word Origin & History

    forsake O.E. forsacan "decline, refuse," from for- "completely" + sacan "to deny, refuse" (see sake).