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Word Example of - forswear

    Example Sentences for forswear

    But what right had he to defend from gallantry the woman he was about to forswear before the world?

    “Then I forswear all rash promises for the future,” he declared.

    And now you must promise me that if discovery comes, you will forswear all knowledge of my being here.

    He would not forswear his fathers' faith and did not understand what the priest said.

    Wall, if I ain't almost riddy to forswear my kintry and turn Turk.

    The Tunker says that I must forswear myself to become a Christian.

    He cannot ignore or forswear the ties with which he has bound himself; he cannot act as if he had only himself to consider.

    If you would belong to me, forswear all of which this is the emblem.

    "I will forswear powder henceforth," she said, as she looked at herself in the glass.

    I abhor myself, and from this hour, I forswear all woman-kind for your sake.

Word Origin & History of - forswear

    Word Origin & History

    forswear O.E. forswerian "swear falsely," also "abandon or renounce on oath," from for- "completely" + swerian "to swear."