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"forswearing Synonyms"

What is a better word for forswearing? What's another word for forswearing? What are 5 "forswearing synonyms"? How can I replace the word forswearing? What is the meaning of forswearing in English?

Word Example of - forswearing

    Example Sentences for forswearing

    Must the city of Clovis bow like him, taking on new vows and forswearing old?

    Only I must break off sharp, must escape all reminders by forswearing all returns.

    I must save myself by forswearing the Ismaelians and be all loyalty to the arch-sultan.

    This with much more alarmed surprise than if you had declared your intention of forswearing clothes.

    To him even did I tell my family name, and the shame I had saved it from by forswearing it.

    Thus no colonial member could get in but by forswearing his principles and abandoning the interests of his order.

    When the desired number is but small, the problem is sometimes solved by having two or three children and forswearing all adults.

    All my life-service is unweighed against that faithless hour of my forswearing.

    And, thinking of this, suspicion assailed him that forswearing had been slightly insincere and perfunctory.

Word Origin & History of - forswearing

    Word Origin & History

    forswear O.E. forswerian "swear falsely," also "abandon or renounce on oath," from for- "completely" + swerian "to swear."