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Word Example of - forthcoming

    Example Sentences for forthcoming

    "Go ahead," said John, awkwardly, and quite unaware of what was forthcoming.

    Sufficient data for an estimate of gross receipts were not forthcoming.

    "We can't do it, Mr. Frank," said one man; and that was the nearest approach to an explanation that was forthcoming.

    No answer was forthcoming to her question, and matters were urgent.

    Complete lists of the forthcoming lectures—dates, places, subjects, and lecturers—were printed.

    Still there was a very large part of the missing property not forthcoming.

    But promises failed, money was not forthcoming, and it was a choice between doing nothing or a piece of heroic folly.

    This matter will be fully elucidated in a forthcoming publication.

    Some clouds formed in the west that looked as if a breeze might be forthcoming.

    And Diana had taken herself off to a dinner-party and was not forthcoming.

Word Origin & History of - forthcoming

    Word Origin & History

    forthcoming "about to happen," 1520s; earlier was O.E. forðcuman; see forth + come.

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