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Word Example of - forthright

    Example Sentences for forthright

    In the military service of the United States, there is always room for firm and forthright friendship between officer and man.

    A man should not be able to look other than directly and forthright.

    Recalling them, he had no more in common with them now than any forthright man of action has in common with narrow visionaries.

    By the reins the horse he tethered, and went to them forthright.

    The agent had a deceptive appearance, athletic and good looking, with the forthright friendliness of a college undergraduate.

    Forthright he drove into the crowd like a reaper into standing grain.

    After a fierce struggle, with many casualties, he was borne down and taken prisoner—'to pine him more' than forthright death.

    The question was so unexpected and so forthright that it almost staggered her.

    Yet he often wrote with a forthright power, naked and unadorned, which could dispense with the aid of literary artifices.

    That was her honest, forthright, Winnebago Wisconsin self talking.

Word Origin & History of - forthright

    Word Origin & History

    forthright O.E. forðriht; see forth + right. Related: Forthrightness.

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