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Word Example of - fortune

    Example Sentences for fortune

    This, then, was nothing less than Robert Fletcher's fortune.

    The error of imputing to Virtue what are only the calamities of Nature or of Fortune, v.94.

    There is money, and you have fortune also; if you get an office, you can live in floribus!

    Till then, success will attend me; for when I meet you, I meet the only obstacle to my fortune.

    Cuba seems formed to become the very button on Fortune's cap.

    "Perhaps some one has left her a fortune," one of the girls whispered.

    You have had all my confidence and you have also had the administration of my fortune.

    The case is not in any degree altered by my change of fortune.

    It is just the sort of architecture that a merchant with a fortune would pay for.

    But long ago a poet said, "Fortune smiles on those who dare."

Word Origin & History of - fortune

    Word Origin & History of fortune

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