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Word Example of - foster

    Example Sentences for foster

    Meantime the big Mexican, Coy, showed up from somewhere, just as Foster had.

    Therefore, I determined to get Foster in my party if possible.

    When he was quite certain that his foster sister had not returned, he presumed the truth—that she was lost in the forest.

    I was always afraid of Dr. Foster, so I only buried my face in my apron, and cried.

    He had come to-day, partly to have a talk with his friend Foster about certain gossip he had heard.

    But a burst of laughter from Foster and the mail agent interrupted him.

    Hopes that things might work out all right in the end arose to cheer him, and there was much to foster such an idea.

    You see, I don't understand Indians as well as you—and Foster.

    Sherman was up at Oguchee and Ossahaw yesterday on another consultation with Foster.

    Foster flung him aside and slammed the door shut and locked.

Word Origin & History of - foster

    Word Origin & History

    foster O.E. *fostrian "to supply with food, nourish, support," from fostor "food, nourishment, bringing up," from P.Gmc. *fostrom, from root *foth-/*fod- (see food). Meaning "to bring up a child with parental care" is from c.1200; that of "to encourage or help grow" is early 13c. of things; 1560s of feelings, ideas, etc. O.E. also had the adj. meaning "in the same family but not related," in fostorfæder, etc. Related: Fostered; fostering.