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Word Example of - foul-play

    Example Sentences for foul

    How could I ever face those I loved, conscious of the marks of the foul lash on my back?

    It was only when her lover repeated the foul word that she forsook him.

    I will not owe my acquittal of this foul charge to any trick of lawyer-craft.

    And, besides, the foul smells rushed out, poisoning him with their fumes.

    And in power they valued most dearly the atrocious right of silencing, by foul means or fair, all opinions that were not official.

    They occur in all degrees from the mild rash to the foul ulcer.

    Yet in this foul compost-heap art and literature flourished with a tropical luxuriance.

    It was only by the narrowest hair, but that had been enough to foul up my plans.

    And if another make a foul harvest, where I have made a painful and honest sowing, it will not soon digest with me.

    I could stifle the foul emotion no longer—no longer conceal it.

Word Origin & History of - foul-play

    Word Origin & History

    foul O.E. ful "dirty, stinking, vile, corrupt," from P.Gmc. *fulaz (cf. O.H.G. fül, M.Du. voul, Ger. faul, Goth. füls), from base *fu-, corresponding to PIE *pu-, perhaps from the sound made in reaction to smelling something bad (cf. Skt. puyati "rots, stinks," putih "foul, rotten;" Gk. puon "discharge from a sore;" L. pus "putrid matter," putere "to stink," putridus "rotten;" Lith. puviu "to rot"). Of weather, first recorded late 14c. In the sporting sense of "irregular, unfair" it is first attested 1797, though foul play is recorded from mid-15c. O.E. ful occasionally meant "ugly" (as ...contrasted with fæger (adj.), modern fair), a sense frequently found in M.E., and the cognate in Swed. is the usual word for "ugly." Foulmouthed first attested 1590s in Shakespeare. Foulmart was a M.E. word for "polecat" (from O.E. mearð "marten"). As a verb, it is from O.E. fulian.Related: Fouled; fouling.

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