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Word Example of - fount

    Example Sentences for fount

    There is such a fount, but not here: it gushes in the courts of that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

    They reached me as from some solemn sanctuary, a fount of inspiration.

    The relation between these two letters and all the others is the "fount."

    They committed gaucheries, but the fount thereof was kindliness.

    Since the death of Purcell the fount of English music had dried up.

    It was strange that from the fount of joy sorrow was thrown up.

    It is strange that men should deem that fount a fable, when its liquor fills more bottles than the congress-water!

    Uncle Katoma cut a dry spray from a tree, and flung it into the fount.

    Her mangled body was cast into the fount near Thebes, which still bears her name.

    How are fount, fountain, and spring used in the figurative sense?

Word Origin & History of - fount

    Word Origin & History

    fount 1593, probably a shortening of fountain, infl. by M.Fr. font "fount," first found in Shakespeare.

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