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Word Example of - fountain

    Example Sentences for fountain

    Parnapishtim instructs Ardi-Ea to convey Gilgamesh to this fountain.

    At the foot of the hill there was a town and in the centre of the town there was a fountain.

    As if in obedience to its suggestion, he turned abruptly from the fountain and re-entered the palace.

    In summer the water for the fountain was artificially cooled.

    Not only was there gold in that land; there was also a fountain whose waters restored youth and vigor to the drinker.

    It was the cross-roads of a wood, with a fountain shaded by an oak to the left.

    Sulla celebrated the festival for the victory in Thebes at the fountain of Oedipus, where he erected a stage.

    And the pilgrim made answer that he was hard by, washing his wounds at a fountain.

    Many of our ancestors believed in the existence of and sought for the Fountain of Perpetual Youth.

    It is terminated in a sharp point by the fountain before mentioned.

Word Origin & History of - fountain

    Word Origin & History

    fountain c.1410, "spring of water that collects in a pool," from O.Fr. fontaine "natural spring," from L.L. fontana "fountain, spring," from L. fem. of fontanus "of a spring," from fons (gen. fontis) "spring (of water);" cognate with Skt. dhanvati "flows, runs." The extended sense of "artificial jet of water" (and the structures that make them) is first recorded 1509. Fountainhead "spring from which a stream flows" first recorded 1585. "A French fountain-pen is described in 1658 and Miss Burney used one in 1789" [Weekley].

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